Pastoral Systems – Resource Assessment

This site outlines my professional specialization and service relating to the integrated inventory, analysis and assessment of the land, forage and livestock resources comprising complex pastoral farming systems. Resource component balance and sustainability are fundamental.

The site presents details of RAPS, a sophisticated software package designed and coded by myself for the assessment of pastoral systems such as extensive grasslands, range lands and livestock farms.  RAPS provides decision support for: management planning; policy formulation; development assessment, emergency requirement determination  and environmental impact forecasting, including the effects of global climate change. The software is available for downloading.

There is a link to an on-line version of the book entitled “Grassland Resource Assessment for Pastoral Systems” written by myself for the Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO, 2000). Documents relating to land and forage resource complementarity and historical nutrient balances of pastoral systems are also presented.


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Regarding Pastoral Farming Resource Assessment, System Modelling and Management Support (PFRAMS)